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Desguaces Pedros have his own tow truck to collect end-of life vehicles . If you want to scrab your vehicle please ask us for a quotation.

We make the take-back of end-of-life vehicle and we unregister your vehicle from DGT database totally free of charge

Our operator will contact you at the time you asked for at the end of the quotation process, to agree a convenient date and time for collection. If you need your scrap car to be collected urgently or on a particular day, please let us know at the time you submit your details and they will do their best to help you. They will also ask you to confirm that the car meets the terms of the quotation.

Desguaces Pedrós will give you a Certificate of Destruction which proves that you have scrapped your car legally and a telematic certificate from DGT wich proves the car was correctly unregistered from the database.

Required documentation:

  • - Circulaton License
  • - ITV documentation
  • - Identification Card (DNI) or passport

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